Woman in New Brunswick in desperate need of lung transplant forced to move to Toronto; unable to afford life-saving procedure.

N.B. woman must move to Toronto for life-saving lung transplant. She can’t afford to go

“Yvette Taylor, a 67-year-old woman from New Brunswick, made a solemn promise to her dying husband – a promise that is now proving to be financially challenging to fulfill. Facing the debilitating effects of sarcoidosis on her lung capacity, Taylor pledged to undergo a life-saving double lung transplant. However, the cost of relocating to Toronto for the surgery is a significant hurdle for her.

The Financial Struggle for Life-Saving Surgery

Despite the fact that the surgery itself is covered by New Brunswick’s Medicare, Taylor is grappling with the expenses of lodging in Toronto, as well as hiring someone to assist with her care. With limited means and no private insurance, the financial burden threatens to impede Taylor’s access to the transplant she so desperately needs.

A Daughter’s Determination to Help

In a bid to raise funds for her mother’s transplant journey, Julie Laforge initiated a GoFundMe campaign, estimating the costs to be tens of thousands of dollars. The fear of not being able to afford the treatment intensifies the urgency of their situation, highlighting the harsh reality faced by many in similar circumstances.

The Urgent Need for Support

NB Lung, an organization dedicated to supporting lung transplant patients, acknowledges the common financial struggles faced by individuals like Taylor. Advocating for increased assistance for those requiring out-of-province transplant surgeries, they provide limited financial aid through programs like a small bursary fund.

A Plea for Greater Coverage

As the healthcare system grapples with the complexities of funding life-saving procedures, organizations like Lung NSPEI also receive requests for financial aid from patients in need. While transplant teams across Canada, including those in Toronto, offer exceptional care, the financial barriers to access such treatment remain a pressing concern.

Hope for Improved Respiratory Health

Despite the challenges, the commitment to supporting individuals in their pursuit of improved respiratory health remains unwavering. As patients like Taylor await crucial transplants, the need for comprehensive coverage of out-of-pocket costs through Medicare continues to be a critical issue.

In the quest for life-saving treatment, the story of Yvette Taylor sheds light on the profound impact of financial barriers on access to essential healthcare. As she navigates the challenges of funding her transplant journey, her story serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for increased support for patients facing similar obstacles. Through advocacy and concerted efforts to address the financial burdens associated with life-saving procedures, we can strive towards a healthcare system that ensures equitable access to vital treatments for all.”



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