Winnipeg restaurant association leader urges immediate action for safer working and dining environments

Restaurant association head says “immediate action” needed to make workers, customers safer - Winnipeg

“Restaurants in Winnipeg are facing safety issues, and the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association is voicing concerns over the slow progress in implementing safety measures. Shaun Jeffrey, the head of the association, is frustrated with the lack of action despite discussions with city officials and the justice minister. The financial burden of installing expensive security systems is a major hurdle for struggling businesses recovering from the pandemic.

Safety Concerns and Financial Struggles

The industry is in dire need of short-term relief to address immediate safety concerns for both employees and patrons. With incidents like the temporary closure of the Osborne Street Starbucks due to crime, the urgency for action is evident. The need for collaboration between the government and industry experts to expedite the implementation of safety programs is crucial for the well-being of businesses and communities.

A Call for Action and Collaboration

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham acknowledges the need for a coordinated effort to create a safer environment for everyone in the city. The collaboration between industry stakeholders and government agencies can provide valuable insights and resources to enhance safety measures. By working together efficiently, businesses can ensure the protection of their employees and customers while contributing to the overall security of the community.


As restaurants in Winnipeg face ongoing safety challenges, it is essential for all stakeholders to prioritize the well-being of the industry and its patrons. The proactive collaboration between government officials, industry experts, and local businesses can lead to effective safety initiatives that address immediate concerns and foster a secure environment for all. The time to act is now, and by working together, we can create a safer and resilient dining experience for everyone.”



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