Trump trial: Stormy Daniels’ graphic testimony at hush money trial


Former adult film star Stormy Daniels has given her highly anticipated testimony at former U.S. president Donald Trump’s hush money trial.

Trump is charged with falsifying business records to hide a payment made to Daniels, so she would not publicly share her allegations before the 2016 presidential election.

Jackson Proskow reports on what Daniels revealed about her encounter with Trump, the money she was paid to keep it a secret and what she thinks of Trump.

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  1. STORMY daniels omg can anyone take the BIMBO serious really? hey global news what about the EPSTEIN LIST EPSTIEN LIST EPSTEIN LIST most of the people wrapped up in the nothing burger of a skid mark in history don't even realize there is a missing EPSTEIN LIST EPSTEIN LIST

  2. He says straight to your face why this trial is happening. It isn't because he is guilty. It's because allegations could hurt his chances at becoming president. They just say it openly lmao.

  3. No man, not even close. Her testimony from an admitted consensual encounter from 20 years ago that may or may not have even happened will not hurt Trump with the Conservatives at all. Less than zero chance of that.


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