The Front Bench: What’s next for Canada-India relations?


Panellists weigh in on India and Canada’s relationship amid revelations in the killing of Canadian-Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

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  1. Funny no one mentioned how Trudeau claimed election interference a month ago and nothing came out of it!! ….all this while Canadian Citizens are participating in a referendum to break India and Mr. Trudeau is demanding blocking of indian farm law ….apparently that is not interference …. Canadians are Tw*ts.

  2. Rules for immigrants receiving canadian citizenship new to be overhauled for reasons of national security. Newcomers must swear to renounce any grievance or ill intentions they may have against their former nation of origin in order to live peacefully in Canada. Failure to do so would deny citizenship and immigrant returned to their country of origin.

  3. What a joker, if you have the proof of the link, show it.

    Mark my word, one day canada will pay. You can not have snake in your back yard assuming it bites your neighbor. It will bite you one day.

  4. Vote bank politics on both sides and some rackets can be cleaned out like student visas, immigration etc .. can be sorted out easily if Can offc send a clear message not on board with a separate state in India while making clear to Indian offc nothing illegal if peaceful requests for statehood made without resorting to violence and threats ?


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