The Front Bench: Feds grant B.C. request to recriminalize public drug use


The Front Bench with Brian Gallant, Rona Ambrose, Tom Mulcair and Paul Wells on the political consequences of B.C.’s decriminalization rollback.

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  1. Props to Ex NDP Leader Tom Mulcair for calling it as he see's it. He really didn't mince words and didn't hold water for anyone.

    He made it very clear: Poilievre has his finger on the pulse of the nation, and both NDP/Liberals are simply playing catchup/Cover their asses.

    Never thought I'd see someone be so a-political and simply offer a straightforward analysis.

  2. "We tried harm reduction, we tried the experiment but what we hear is maybe we try treatment"….thats a real sentence. Who wouldve thought treatment for addiction is better than the current BS….i h8te it here.

  3. Flip flop Eby
    2 weeks ago he was yelling to keep it rolling
    14 days later changing
    Anyone that lost a family member due to these illegal drugs being pushed by the governments should be challenging the governments in court
    David Eby Escobar

  4. It's hard to believe a lot of of the stuff that comes out of paul wells mouth. Please give that guy some more air time, Conservatives love friends like him lol.

  5. Illegal, then decriminalized (means legal to some) then made illegal again is not only confusing but it will be costly in money and resources. East Hastings Vancouver is zombie-land. Going to school around there for 2 years changed my view of humanity for the worse.


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