Switched power meter goes unchecked for 12 years costing BC woman thousands.


A Victoria, B.C. woman is urging people to look at their electric bills closely, after a mistake on hers went unnoticed for 12 years.

Liz Bicknell had a heat pump and solar panels installed, but she saw no savings on her bill.

As Global reporter Kylie Stanton finds out, BC Hydro repeatedly dismissed her concerns, even as her neighbour reaped the benefits.

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  1. In the eighties in a very cold storm my meter literally blew up on my property. I maintained a file and dropped it off on the 2nd. floor Hydro desk of the exact employee who was handling it. he was somewhere on training something for a couple weeks, so I didn't worry. After I moved (there was a fire as well) the file sat on his desk for six months (I found it exactly where I put it) but in the meantime my credit rating was imploded by Hydro BC, and I spent the NEXT SIX months straightening it out. Fortunately, I didn't NEED my CR at that time, but if I had it would have been a disaster. These people make HUGE COIN with fantastic benefit packages, and STILL can't do their job withou tacting like a politician??

  2. Not rare. Utility company use low cost contractors. They installed my water meter backwards. No idea how since there are arrows pointing which direction the water flows

  3. The worst thing is that B.C. Hydro dismissed her concerns. I think this lovely lady should sue for a complete refund, court costs, and a good amount for mental anguish. The arrogance of some companies’ petty officials is mind-boggling.

  4. Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful

    First: the spokesperson sounds absolutely brain dead. She should not be commenting on this issue. All she is doing is spewing the company line and needs to stop speaking.

    Second: BC hydro needs to pay cash in hand to this women.


    No credit

    Physical cash given to her in the form of a bankers draft or physical cash

    They dropped the ball and ****ed around and got caught.

    This is sickening and terrible.

    Shane on this company trying to offer credits.

    ** then

  5. If I were her, I would post the names of all the BC Hydro employees who dismissed her. Then the public can find out more about who these people are and ruin their lives as they ruined her life.

  6. B.C Hydro owes this woman her money – actual money, not a credit. This woman did nothing wrong and even tried to contact B.C Hydro about the issue. Why can't companies just be accountable for their mistakes?! Give her HER money back.

  7. So meters aside, what I’m seeing here, is that this person spent $32k to try and save money, yet she only would have saved a little over $5k over 12 years. ?

  8. A customer should use that line to them if they can't pay their bill in B.C.
    "This is a lesson learned to you for what you did to that lovely lady in Victoria in the duplex with the solar panels."

    She really is such a lovely Canadian! Sticking it, so politely, to the man 🙂


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