RCMP not investigating Chiu, Dong cases for foreign interference | Power Play with Vassy Kapelos


RCMP Commissioner Michael Duheme says police are not investigating possible foreign interferences tied to members of parliament.

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  1. If Indian government was involved these type of cases are almost always impossible to prove unless you torture the suspects and Canada doesn’t due that due to laws. So yes, it will take long especially since a wrongfully accusing a country could destroy relationships between the two countries and that is something most countries don’t take lightly. So let the RCMP do their jobs, there is a reason why we are here commenting and not in RCMP.

  2. Hey RCMP, try investigating fentanyl transshipment. Or Canadian bank money laundering. Unless you are part of that problem, would not be surprised in this corrupt ass country!

  3. He's talking out both sides of his mouth. The RCMP are solid with the NDP, liberal crime syndicate. They always pretend they are doing their job, but in reality they are blowing smoke up our asses. It seems they can never find enough evidence when it's got to do with the liberals. It's impossible not to get enough evidence when the crimes are done so poorly, they are tripping over the evidence yet nothing happens.

  4. Funny how the RCMP can find the evidence to solve a murder that has ties to a foreign country, but can't find a single crime in the liberal government which reeks with criminal activities. Something in Ottawa is real fishy, I can smell it all the way out to BC


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