RCMP declines to investigate Chiu, Dong cases for foreign interference

Foreign interference: RCMP not investigating Chiu, Dong cases

“Foreign Interference: Unpacking the Case of Chiu and Dong”

Foreign interference in Canadian politics has been a hot-button issue in recent years, with concerns about outside influences impacting election outcomes. The cases of former Conservative MP Kenny Chiu and Liberal-turned-Independent MP Han Dong have once again brought this issue to the forefront.

The RCMP Commissioner Mike Duheme recently stated that the federal police force is not currently investigating any possible instances of foreign interference in these cases. This comes despite a report by foreign interference inquiry Commissioner Marie-Josée Hogue suggesting that foreign meddling likely impacted outcomes in both Chiu and Dong’s ridings.

The Case of Kenny Chiu: Potential PRC Involvement

Hogue’s report highlighted strong indicators of People’s Republic of China (PRC) involvement in Chiu’s electoral race. Disinformation campaigns targeting the former Conservative MP and the possibility that they could have impacted the result raised concerns about outside interference in the democratic process.

The Nomination Race of Han Dong: Busing in Chinese International Students

In the case of Han Dong, Hogue’s inquiry focused on the nomination race where Chinese international students were bused in to vote with falsified documents supplied by individuals associated with a known PRC proxy agent. This raised questions about the extent of foreign influence in the nomination process and its potential impact on the outcome.

Hogue’s preliminary report emphasized the significance of nomination races as gateways for foreign states looking to interfere in Canadian democracy. It highlighted the need for closer examination in the second phase of her work to address these issues effectively.

Controversy and Consequences

The controversy surrounding foreign interference in Canadian politics has already had real-world consequences. Han Dong resigned from the Liberal caucus following allegations related to China’s detention of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor. The Liberals are waiting for Hogue’s final report before deciding on Dong’s potential return to caucus, reflecting the seriousness of the situation.

A Call for Vigilance

As the debate around foreign interference in Canadian politics continues, it is crucial for all stakeholders to remain vigilant. Upholding the integrity of the democratic process and safeguarding against outside influences should be a top priority for all Canadians. The final report by Commissioner Hogue will shed more light on the extent of foreign meddling in the cases of Chiu and Dong, prompting further reflection and action in addressing these challenges.

By staying informed and actively engaging in these discussions, we can work towards protecting our democracy from external threats and ensuring fair and transparent elections for all.”



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