Opioid crisis: Are Canada’s “safe supply” drugs being used in organized crime?


The debate on the opioid crisis in Canada continued in the House of Commons on Tuesday with Conservative Party of Canada Leader Pierre Poilievre asking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whether Toronto would be next to decriminalize possession of hard drugs after the city of Vancouver took the measure.

“The city of Toronto submitted a 153-page application and I quote, ‘seeking an exemption under section 56.1, under the controlled and substance act that would decriminalize personal possession of illicit substances within Toronto’s boundaries’,” Poilievre said.

“We will continue to be there with a thoughtful, compassionate-based, public health approach on the toxic drug supply,” Trudeau replied, adding, “We will only work with the provinces.”

Conservative MP Kerry Findlay followed up the questioning by asking, “Addiction workers confirmed that most users of so-called safe supply are diverting these drugs into the hands of organized crime. Criminals are selling these drugs to children. When will this prime minister end this dangerous drug-trafficking experiment that profits big pharma and kills children,” she asked.

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  1. What are the solutions? Seattle is Dying great documentary, how the West uses bandaids instead of long term solutions. CGTN The Point-Hub-Heat, Reporterfy-Cyrus Janssen how China solved the above

  2. The governments white supremacy deflection was worn out during the Freedom Convoy, now it's just pathetic. It seems to be their go-to when they're being exposed, accuse everyone of being notsees. Utterly pathetic.

  3. You guys really had to ask? Bahaha how out of touch are people? Clearly there is a drug problem and organized crime is benefiting from it in a major way. Get real!

  4. No amount of supply is safe. Durgs fund direct and indirect wars around the world and relate to money laundering and housing bubble. It also devastes its victim and the communities. No supply at all not anywhere.

  5. Why is the only idea of “safe supply” giving addicts dangerous drugs for free? Why can’t functional members of society have a say in what they do to their own bodies, and have access to a safe, clean, and TAXED product that they have to provide identification to purchase? These goons are using the less fortunate as political pawns instead of enacting common sense solutions, and our communities have suffered the collateral damage, and continue to.

  6. Blood grace Jesus balm on the cross médecin no theft bad tricks hook military police roman China tornadoes grelon ecology kmh mph winds up 200 in the air

  7. Aldous Huxley gave us an insight, Brave New World, regarding ,Drugs, Democracy, and Religion.

    How is the rise of drugs in the Brave New World comparable to today's society?
    Soma is a feel-good, mood-enhancing drug that is given out freely in the World State. Citizens are conditioned to pop a pill whenever they feel sad or uneasy, sound familiar with B.C Canada! Free drugs to keep the population happy and voting NDP


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