Numerous agencies using easily hackable Chinese-made surveillance cameras


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Sheila Gunn Reid reports on numerous government agencies revealing they are using easily hackable Chinese-made surveillance cameras.
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  1. Whatever happened about the missing tens of billions of infrastructure spending from a few years back? I recall pierre joking if he came home and had spent a bunch of money without an itemized receipt, he'd be in trouble. Was that money ever found? Or did it just line liberal insider pockets? I wondered if it went into surveillance cameras, as over covid all sorta of cameras went up at every intersection.
    Anybody know what was figured out about that money?

  2. What could go wrong when the Chinese Communist Party monitors your society, critical infrastructure and military installations? It's not as though they are a thuggish, repressive police state…

  3. Just like "earthquake early warning detection system " off the BC coast. Totally not made with Chinese components hackable by foreign adversaries and in no way could be used to monitor US submarines in the Pacific, no way


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