Nijjar murder: How were the alleged hitmen linked to notorious Indian gang able to enter Canada?


Three Indian nationals accused of killing Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in B.C. last june are appearing in court on Tuesday to consult their legal counsel.

Kamalpreet Singh, 22, Karan Brar, 22, and Karanpreet Singh, 28, charged with first-degree murder, were arrested in Edmonton on Friday morning. It is believed all three entered the country on student visas.

Sources say the alleged hitmen are linked to India’s notorious Bishnoi gang.

“How come were they given clearance and given passports to travel to Canada, given their possible criminality back home?” Gurpreet Singh asked.

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  1. Modi deployed similar plots in the US ?? as in Canada ??:
    – Senior Indian intelligent officials ordered an Indian underworld (Gupta) who, in turns, hired hitmen to do a hit job on a Khalistan activist (Pannun, Nijjar).
    – The 3 Indians arrested this month are just hitmen. The Indian (Gupta) arrest in Europe is an underworld.

  2. as Indian FM JaiShankar said about Justinder Singh Trudeau/Liberals and Thug-Meet Singh/NDP – "its Newton's 3rd Law of Politics" … import garbage and instigate in the name of freedom-of-speech to do vote bank politics and hence bear the consequences

  3. This is my question too. How come they got into Canada? Looks like there are practically no rules to enter Canada if you are an Indian. Does it have something to do with Trudeau’s visit to India many years ago?

  4. Investigations of the people who were giving them student visas when they’re coming up with criminal records would be the first step, but now 2 questions comes to mind, were the Canadian agents who approved the visas working with India government to approve the visas or did the Indian government exsponge their criminal records so they can be eligible to get visas in exchange for killing the Sikhs abroad?

    Because currently same thing happened in the United States where the they have 1 guy in custody in a foreign country named Gupta that India sent to hire hitmen in the United States to murder a Sikh leader named Punnun who’s waiting to be deported back to United States to stand trial for attempted murder, he was also promised by the Indian government his criminal record in India would be exsponged in exchange to commit murders in America, so India has a track record in doing this. Hopefully these 3 will tell everything and people responsible will get arrested so it doesn’t happen again and victims will get justice.

  5. The student visa cost $150. We should bring that up to $10,000. Canada isn't a depository for people who failed in their home countries looking for a better life in another country. It should be a place that welcomes presumably above average people.

  6. Canada welcome criminals and gangster just to get votes and appease NDP's Jagmeet, whose entry is ban in India due to his background. Canada should not forget Air India bombing by these Khalisthanis.

  7. Great job by Canadian immigration making sure their student claims were real. There isn't a single Federal Government agency that has even mid level competence. Result of having the weakest of the herd lead you.

  8. as an immigrant I always wondered why people were against immigrants until I saw Canada get swamped with one ethnic group and its really overwhelming. I now understand what Canadians felt and saw! immigration needs to be slowed down and spread out.


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