National emergency alert system test happening across most of Canada this Wednesday

There's a test of the national emergency alert system in most of Canada Wednesday

“Prepare for the unexpected! Tomorrow, Canada’s National Public Alerting System (NPAS) will be conducting tests on television, radio, and compatible wireless devices across most of the country as part of Emergency Preparedness Week. But don’t worry if your phone suddenly blares an emergency alert – it’s all part of ensuring your safety.

Alert Ready, the system responsible for delivering alerts about critical events like tornadoes, flooding, fires, and Amber alerts, will be undergoing tests in most provinces and territories except for Ontario, where the test is scheduled for May 15th. Martin Belanger, the director of public alerting at Pelmorex, emphasized the importance of these tests, stating that they serve to raise awareness about the Alert Ready system and validate its effectiveness in real emergencies.

Stay Informed With New Alert Systems: James Smith Cree Nation recently unveiled its own alert system, showcasing the importance of staying connected and protected during emergencies. This new initiative follows a tragic event at the Saskatchewan First Nation, reinforcing the significance of public alert systems in saving lives.

Minister of Emergency Preparedness, Harjit Sajjan, announced that during the exercise, Public Safety Canada will test its public alerting capability in multiple provinces and territories. This collaborative initiative between federal, provincial, and territorial governments aims to ensure the delivery of urgent and lifesaving warnings to the public when needed most.

Tool complements existing alert system

Public Safety Canada highlighted the necessity of regular testing and evaluation of the NPAS to guarantee a prepared response to any emergency or disaster under federal responsibility. This initiative complements existing public alerting systems and tools in various jurisdictions to enhance the overall safety of Canadians.

According to the CRTC, cellphone service providers and broadcasters conduct two test alerts per year – one in May and another in November – to confirm the system’s functionality. These tests help to identify any potential issues and ensure that Canadians can rely on the alert system when it matters most.

As test alerts are scheduled throughout the day in different provinces and territories, it’s crucial to pay attention and familiarize yourself with the testing times. By being informed and prepared, you are taking proactive steps to ensure your safety and that of others in times of crisis.

In conclusion, the importance of public alert systems cannot be overstated. These tests serve as a reminder of the crucial role they play in keeping Canadians safe during emergencies. So, next time your phone lights up with an emergency alert, remember that it’s a reminder of the constant efforts being made to protect and inform you. Stay alert, stay safe.”



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