Liberals finally answer ‘what is a woman’


| The Trudeau Liberals join the ranks of the Danielle Smith Conservatives, who the Liberals previously labelled as backward transphobes. What is a woman? That is the question. Normal people will say an adult human female.

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  1. Now the next question to Liberals should be …. Just where are the men sticking them there tampons and what are they for ?we just as well get it while the iron's hot, lol. l should email Findlay on that and get her to ask the question.

  2. The libs only said this in parliament because they knew it would be recorded. They won’t say this on TV or mention it to media. And it’s doubtful they will ever mention it again until the election is over and Trudeau is gone.

  3. Actually, what she said was the equivalent of saying a truck is a truck. You cannot use a synonymous word when describing the word. The next question should have been…. WHAT IS A FEMALE?

  4. WTF do they mean when they use the term 'far right'? They throw that around so much that it has zero substance. They don't even know what 'far right' really means, since they label anything that is actually centre as 'far right'. The libs are off the charts whacked. The fact that they actually believe 'Diagolon' is a thing (different video) tells you all you need to know about the collective intelligence of this liberal government.

  5. I find it telling when anything comes about that the liberals don't agree with, they label it far right extremist, and anti this or anti that, but don't actually have much to say to actually argue against it.

  6. I will forever be grateful to have grown up in the 70’s/80’’s/90’s
    No regressive progressives
    No woke
    No internet
    No DEI
    No far left extremists
    when men were men and women were women
    Oh and great music ?

  7. So he’ll bent on getting the vote from .1% of the population they are driving the other 99.9% of the population away.
    Or they are hell bent on destroying society???

  8. According to tested science specifically neurobiology tells us that being male or female is indeed connected to the brain and can differ from what transphobes claim is the norm so I will accept tested science and not blatant bigotry.

  9. Biological woman is what Our Father In Heaven created, and for a purpose, a purpose that mixed up WEF agent trudeau cannot seem to fathom. This sad man / people whose mother gave birth to them, probably doesn't recognise him / them and is probably wondering what went wrong. Simple answer – greed and lust for power.


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