Kamloops Mayor urged to step down following damning report

Kamloops, B.C., mayor asked to resign after damning report

In a surprising turn of events, Kamloops, B.C., city council has formally called on Mayor Reid Hamer-Jackson to resign after a scathing report from a provincially-appointed municipal adviser was made public on Tuesday. The report, completed by former Abbotsford mayor Henry Braun, highlighted the mayor’s dismissive and condescending attitude towards council and city staff, raising concerns about the creation of an unsafe work environment.

A Reign Plagued with Controversy

Hamer-Jackson’s first term as mayor has been marked by multiple investigations, public spats with councillors and staff, and even a defamation lawsuit against a councillor. Despite overwhelming support from council members for his resignation, the mayor has refused to step down, citing his determination to continue fighting for accountability and a safer community.

A Critical Turning Point

Braun’s report serves as a critical turning point for the city, recommending financial sanctions for code of conduct violations in an effort to repair the dysfunctional nature of the council. While the vote for the mayor’s resignation was passed with an 8-1 majority, the motion is not legally binding, highlighting the limited powers of municipal councils in B.C. to remove elected officials.

The Path Forward

Braun’s recommendations include creating a process for the legislative removal of council members and implementing financial penalties for repeated code of conduct violations. The report also emphasizes the importance of improving communication, resolving conflicts, and fostering a more respectful working environment within the council.

Looking Towards a Better Future

As Kamloops city council considers the next steps, it’s clear that a collaborative effort is needed to address the underlying issues and rebuild trust within the community. By embracing Braun’s recommendations and working towards a more functional and accountable council, Kamloops has the opportunity to move forward in a positive direction. The challenges may be significant, but with determination and a commitment to change, the city can overcome its current struggles and emerge stronger than ever.



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