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U15 Canadian Prospect Team prepares for May camps in Halifax, Toronto, and Montreal

“**Tennis Canada to Host U15 Prospect Team Development Camps Across Three Cities**

Tennis Canada is gearing up for an exciting month of May with the announcement of three development camps for its U15 Prospect Team members. These camps, set to take place in Halifax, Toronto, and Montreal, are specifically tailored for players aged 10–14. The primary goal of these camps is to help young athletes hone their skills both on and off the court, guiding them towards their peak potential.

**Development Pathway for U15 Players**

At the core of the U15 program is the transition of players into the next phase of their development. The meticulously crafted program, led by Tennis Canada’s High-Performance staff, paves the way for young athletes to enter the realm of international competition. The ultimate aim is to prepare junior players for a successful professional tennis career through rigorous training at the National Tennis Centre presented by Rogers.

**Personalized Training Approach and Cultivating Passion**

The upcoming national camps in Halifax, Toronto, and Montreal will give the U15 Prospect Team members a chance to enhance their foundational skills, fostering a culture of teamwork, and passion for the sport. Jocelyn Robichaud, Tennis Canada’s Head of U15 Development, emphasized the importance of these camps in providing personalized training to each unique player to elevate their skills over the next few weeks.

**Whole Player Development Pathway**

Each camp is thoughtfully designed to reinforce tennis fundamentals, create a competitive training environment, and offer a holistic approach to development using the Whole Player Development Pathway as a guide. The results from similar camps held last fall speak to the effectiveness of this approach in nurturing young talent.

**Collaboration and Communication**

One key aspect of the success of the U15 Canadian Prospect Team is the ongoing communication between Tennis Canada, private sector coaches, players, and their families. This transparent and honest interaction ensures that every stakeholder is aligned in supporting the growth and progress of the young athletes.

**International Exposure and Character Building**

In addition to the national camps, select members of the U15 Prospect Team have the opportunity to participate in international tours and matchplay events organized by Tennis Canada. These experiences are designed to test their abilities at an international level, foster player development, and help build character both on and off the court.

**Conclusion: Nurturing Future Tennis Stars**

As the U15 Prospect Team embarks on its journey through the development camps in Halifax, Toronto, and Montreal, the focus remains on providing a nurturing environment for young athletes to thrive. Tennis Canada’s commitment to guiding these players towards professional careers and holistic development showcases a dedication to creating well-rounded athletes. With a roster of talented junior players from across the country, the future of Canadian tennis looks bright as these young stars continue to shine on the international stage.”



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