Israeli flag wearer assaulted at U of T’s “People’s Circle for Palestine” event

Man wearing Israeli flag attacked at U of T’ “People’s Circle for Palestine”

“In a world where tensions between Israel and Palestine are high, a simple act of waving an Israeli flag can spark outrage and violence. This was the case for a 24-year-old Jewish man who was attacked for proudly displaying his flag outside the University of Toronto’s pro-Palestine protest encampment.

Standing up for one’s beliefs in the face of adversity is a noble act, but for Moshe Zelig, a Ukrainian-Israeli immigrant, it was a necessity. With a rise in anti-Israel sentiment on university campuses in Canada and the US, Zelig felt compelled to show support for Israel and Jewish students at U of T.

The Divide on Campus: Fear and Unity
While Zelig’s intentions were noble, the reality of the situation was anything but harmonious. As he stood outside the protest with his Israeli flag, he was met with hostility and aggression. However, what struck a chord with Zelig was the fear that gripped some of his female friends on campus. They wanted to speak out against the protesters but were afraid of the potential consequences to their academic and physical well-being.

Zelig’s decision to show solidarity with Jewish students and engage in dialogue with protesters was both brave and necessary. His encounter with a Chinese student who faced backlash for holding an Israeli flag further fueled his determination to stand up against hate and violence.

The Attack: A Call for Understanding and Action
The moment of truth came when Zelig decided to unfurl his Israeli flag and walk proudly around Kings College Circle at U of T. The response was not one of acceptance or understanding but of aggression and confrontation. In the chaos that ensued, Zelig was subjected to verbal abuse, anti-Semitic slurs, and physical assault.

Despite the violence he faced, Zelig remains hopeful that his attackers will be brought to justice. His message is clear: dialogue and understanding are key to resolving conflicts, not violence and hate.

The Way Forward: A Call for Unity and Respect
As Zelig reflects on his experience, he is reminded of the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity. His call for unity, respect, and peaceful coexistence is a timely reminder that we are all part of a shared humanity.

As the world watches the events unfold at the University of Toronto, let us not forget the power of empathy, understanding, and dialogue in bridging the divide between different communities. Only through mutual respect and a commitment to peaceful coexistence can we hope to build a better future for all.”



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