Hush money trial | Stormy Daniels shares details of alleged sexual encounter with Trump


Adult film actress Stormy Daniels testified Tuesday in Donald Trump’s hush money payment trial. Heather Wright has the details.

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  1. Thank you Miss STORMY, you are truly a great American. I would like to see you run for President. We know you are more credible than Tricky Trump . America needs you and we wood appreciate your service for our country. Miss Stormy Daniels for President. America needs you. We are all greatful for your service ?

  2. Of course Trump's attorneys filed for a Mistrial. ..That's what you do when you are being slaughtered by powerful testimony and are rapidly losing ground in a criminal court case!.

  3. hope she spoke the truth also ,A former staffer who  accused Joe Biden of sexual assault dId you believe that?
    Tara Reade alleged that Democratic nominee Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 in a Capitol Hill office building when she was a staff assistant in his office.

  4. I dont get it. She was a bunny or p star or something, he had her sign a contract to accept money in exchange for not letting his wife find out? She took the money and then broke the contract? Obviously cheating is bad but from a legal stand, shouldnt she be the one in trouble? Is it illegal to pay someone to keep your relationship a secret if it was consensual? Breach of contract vs what, having a consensual relationship with an adult and not wanting the world to know? This doesnt make any sense

  5. You forgot to report that what she said has NOTHING to do with campaign finance which is what the supposed charges are. Just pointing that out because you are too corrupt to.

  6. “In a flagrant violation of NY’s rules of evidence and judicial ethics guidelines, the judge is allowing Stormy Daniels to “run wild” with her highly prejudicial testimony, running roughshod over the objections of Trump’s attorneys, and allowing Daniels to vividly discuss every last salacious detail about the alleged interaction she had with Trump. Prosecutors are asking how tall she is relative to Trump and whether there was a power dynamic between them. Now asking about their alleged sexual affair, the position they were in, whether they were intoxicated, “uncomfortable,” and “how they closed it off.” Completely out of line!!”


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