Hardeep Singh Nijjar murder: Suspects make first BC court appearance


The three men charged with the 2023 murder of Khalistan leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, made their first appearance in Surrey Provincial court Tuesday morning.

Reports from India tie the three men to the notorious Larence Bishnoi Punjabi gang.

It is still unclear if the Indian government played any roll in the murder.

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  1. Modi deployed similar plots in the US ?? as in Canada ??:
    – Senior Indian intelligent officials ordered an Indian underworld (Gupta) who, in turns, hired hitmen to do a hit job on a Khalistan activist (Pannun, Nijjar).
    – The 3 Indians arrested this month are just hitmen. The Indian (Gupta) arrest in Europe is an underworld.

  2. Muderer is sikh activists but suspects who are also sikhs are Indian National.. Canadian media has completely sold out to khalistanis after their govt surrendered before khalistani Terrorirsts

  3. India has booted in the news thst they killed many though out world, bearly 20 in pakistan, where from kashmir or khalistan supportive grpups.india hasbecome a rouge state, not so called biggest democracy but worst hyprocacy

  4. Every Canadian news outlet is marching in step with the Trump/Stormy Daniels trial. Completely bought and paid for media, if they couldn't make it more obvious themselves.


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