Global National: May 7, 2024 | Shooting at Drake’s Toronto mansion amid beef with Kendrick Lamar


An overnight shooting outside Drake’s lavish Toronto home has left a security guard critically injured. As Mike Drolet explains, it’s not clear whether the violence is connected to the superstar’s beef with hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar.

Former adult film star Stormy Daniels has given her highly anticipated testimony at former U.S. president Donald Trump’s hush money trial. Jackson Proskow reports on what Daniels revealed about her encounter with Trump, the money she was paid to keep it a secret and what she thinks of Trump.

Karan Brar, Kamalpreet Singh, Karanpreet Singh have all been charged in the June 2023 murder of Canadian Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey, B.C. Canada accusing India’s government of being involved in his death has ignited a diplomatic rift. Eric Sorensen looks at why India says it’s worried about Sikh activists in Canada.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it has taken “operational control” of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing to Egypt, while beginning its assault on the Gazan town where more than 1.4 million people are sheltering. Crystal Goomansingh reports on the Israeli offensive and what it means for trucks trying to deliver critical aid.

The federal government has tabled a bill meant to counter foreign interference, which includes a foreign agent registry and changes to legislation governing CSIS. As David Akin reports, diaspora groups are welcoming the legislation, but have concerns about its implementation.

Plus, maple syrup is a Canadian staple, but unseasonably warm winters have led to a five-year low in production of the sugary condiment, according to Statistics Canada. Manitoba could help, though. Melissa Ridgen visits the town of McCreary to explain how the province could give Canada’s maple syrup industry a much-needed boost.

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  1. All this people come to Canada from China sihks from India and elsewhere and they want to play politics from the countries where they come from, well make a choice if you came to Canada be Canadians if you want to play politics from the country you came from move back then

  2. I hate these yt people on the main stream media act like they’ve been reporting on Drake for years… I hate the media they’re so extra.. this YT woman has never said the name “Kendrick Lamar in her entire life!

  3. It is several days now that Hamas has been attacking the second humanitarian entry to Gaza, the Keren Shalom crossing. In the first rocket attack four Israeli soldiers were killed with several more injured. The second occurred this morning as the Rafah crossing got closed. The Canadian media just fleetingly mentioned that "both crossings are now blocked", not a word about the Hamas attacks.

  4. Our outreach leading initiative is based in Toronto. We have been warning the people in that neighborhood for years. We will be back in Bridal Path again in the coming days to speak to the residents to see if they want to get serious and take grassroots collective action now.

  5. Let's take a look at statements made by israeli government officials while carrying out official duties.

    "As the negotiators were issuing a joint communique, Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich delivered a speech in Paris saying the notion of a Palestinian people was artificial. “There is no such thing as a Palestinian nation. There is no Palestinian history. There is no Palestinian language,” he said in France late Sunday. He spoke at a lectern draped with what appeared to be an image showing the map of Israel that included the occupied West Bank, Gaza and Jordan."

    "Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank last week rampaged through the Palestinian town of Hawara, where earlier in the day two Israeli brothers were killed in a Palestinian shooting attack. (in retaliation for settler violence). Later in the week, Smotrich said the town should be erased — by Israeli forces and not by private citizens."

    The deputy mayor of the Israeli-run Jerusalem municipality has called for burying alive dozens of civilian Palestinians whom he described as "subhuman". Arieh King called the unarmed men, who were arbitrarily grabbed from their homes in Gaza by the Israeli army on Thursday, "Nazi Muslims". "We have to pick up the pace," he said on X, referring to the Israeli army's "elimination" of Palestinians. King added that if it were up to him, he would have used the D-9 armoured bulldozers to bury the men alive, calling them "ants". "They are not human beings and not even human animals, they are subhuman and that is how they should be treated," King said.

    Now replace all references to palestinians with the word "jewish" or "jew(s)" and picture a Nazi in 1939 saying this. Do you see how its the exact same dehumanizing, demonizing rhetoric the Nazi's employed against jews during the holocaust?

    This is the view of people in government in israel with regards to Palestinians. This needs to stop now.

  6. Imagine needing to call your oppulant home "the embassy" on account of all the humanitarian work you render as a checks notes R&B zio-crooner in black-face. "Validate me Papi!"

  7. This is not the biggest news at all. What about the upcoming geomagnetic excursion and solar maximum which are the real reasons for the changing climate. Or how about the complete fall of Ukraine and how France and Nato/us are actively pushing world war 3. That's the real stories.


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