Feds agree to recriminalize illicit drugs in B.C.


The federal government is granting British Columbia’s request to recriminalize hard drugs in public spaces, nearly two weeks after the province asked to end its pilot project early over concerns of public drug use.

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  1. Will these illicit hard drug users be allowed to travel to other provinces? Personally, I hope not. What's to stop them? Will this border be closed.
    I'm curious to see how this crazy experiment pans out.

  2. Pilot projects . . . . . . I know some. But everyone who is already involved gets the funding.
    Federal government I'm done with you. It's so sad. It's all the foreigner's demise. Can you send them back?

  3. This is about using the drugs in public places – Pierre had to hammer at Trudeau to get this stopped! Trudeau is an abomination and unfit to breathe the air of OUR country!

  4. Does he not have the forethought to determine the effects of decriminalizing highly addictive drugs because only a drug addict would legalize highly addictive drugs?


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