DRAKE-KENDRICK LAMAR FEUD | Author says it’s a symbol of ‘artistry’ and ‘penmanship’


‘Black Boys Like Me’ Author Matthew Morris says the current tension between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is a sign of penmanship.

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  1. Kendrick is one of the greatest MC's ever, Drake couldn't rhyme his way out of a wet paper bag. One really started from the bottom and made it and it wasn't Drake. To quote Big Daddy Kane….So how'd you get that record deal? We know how Drake ?? ps lock up his pimp P Diddy

  2. The fact this is getting coverage is pathetic. Hmmm I wonder why society is getting worse and worse when we glorify gangsters, designer this, brand name that, drug abuse and treating woman as objects instead of the complete opposite of all the above. ??


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