“Clearly, it is being tolerated:” Pro-Hamas hooligans take down fence at University of Toronto


| David Menzies from Rebel News reports on U of T’s anti-Israel encampment being set up on the premises, school administrators haven’t taken any action as protesters breached a fence blocking the lawn at King’s College Circle.

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  1. Zionist Propaganda at its finest.
    I’ve been to Palestine, they do not throw lgtbq off roofs. And if anything the support from The LGTbQ community for a group that has traditional shunned them shows incredible empathy and compassion. And then there’s Rebel lol pushing fascist xenophobia

  2. Let the dam Arab countries show their support for their Muslim brothers and sisters!
    No foreign coverage in any media.
    Forgot …
    two different sects that don't like each other.
    Foreign trouble makers. Must have snug in under a student visa.
    That lady should read the Koran regarding how they deal with any LGBT. Shows how miseducated people are.

  3. Stop protesting the wars of other countries in Canada. We are peaceful. If you want to protest, go the country that has the war. Protesting in Canada does nothing to stop the wars in other countries.

  4. Clearly double standards for protests in Canada.
    Protests regarding carbon tax and covid result in criminal charges, bank accounts frozen.
    Social jokes like alphabet soup and Hamas terrorist support can go unpublished without any charges?
    Canada is a joke under the Liberal government.


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