Canadian Civil Society Calls for Arms Embargo on Canada-Israel Military Trade – CJPME

Arms Embargo Now: Canadian civil society escalates push for end to Canada-Israel military trade - CJPME

“In a bold and united effort to end Canada’s trade in military and security technology with Israel, Canadian civil society organizations are joining forces in calling for an Arms Embargo Now. The push for a comprehensive embargo on arms trade with Israel comes from Palestinian associations, labour unions, human rights organizations, and community groups representing over 2 million Canadians. This call to action demands the Canadian government to take decisive steps to enforce an official arms embargo, utilizing the Special Economic Measures Act.”

The Urgency of the Situation

“The urgency of the situation is clear as Canadian companies continue to produce and export crucial components of weapons that are currently being used to devastate Gaza. Despite Minister of Foreign Affairs Mélanie Joly’s commitment to pause future arms export permits to Israel, the reality remains that Canada is complicit in Israel’s military actions. The ongoing military trade between Canada and Israel cannot be ignored, especially as the violence in Gaza escalates.”

The Call for Solidarity and Justice

“The #ArmsEmbargoNow statement, initiated by various organizations including the Palestinian Youth Movement, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, Independent Jewish Voices, and others, has garnered support from unions, human rights organizations, and advocacy groups across Canada. The message is clear – Canada must take immediate action to stop the flow of weapons to and from Israel to prevent further loss of Palestinian lives.”

Conclusion: A Moral Imperative

“Ending the arms trade with Israel is not just a political decision but a moral imperative. The complicity of Canada in the violence against Palestinians cannot be overlooked. As the call for an Arms Embargo Now gains momentum, it is essential for the Canadian government to prioritize the lives and safety of Palestinians by enforcing a comprehensive embargo on military trade with Israel. The time for action is now, and Canada must demonstrate its commitment to justice and peace in the Middle East.”



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