BC to recriminalize hard drug use in public spaces


The federal government has granted B.C.’s request to re-criminalize the use of illicit drugs in public spaces.

The ban goes into effect immediately and comes after a request from the province to amend its three-year criminal code exemption for personal possession of drugs.

The move comes after widespread criticism from the public, nurses, and police departments about rampant drug use in public spaces.

Federal Mental Health and Addictions Minister, Ya’ara Saks, says the opioid crisis is a health crisis, not a criminal one.

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  1. Won't change a thing…. the authorities did little to address public drug use before it was legalized so why should we expect anything different now….. the genie is out of the bottle…. the few who may get arrested will be out on bail in 20 minutes and back at it… does some strung out junky care about 'Legislation'?…. BC's cities are circling the drain.

  2. Three ways to end the drug crisis: 1. capital punishment for illegal drug dealers 2. crippling fines, seize assets, freeze bank accounts, and jail users of illegal drugs 3. stop giving free drugs to users through BC's $22.6 million tax-payer funded safe supply scam: "Once fully implemented, people who use drugs and who are at high risk of dying from the toxic illicit drug supply will be able to access alternatives covered by Pharmacare, including a range of opioids and stimulants as determined by programs and prescribers." BC encourages drug use and scams taxpayers as they pay for drugs that users sell on the street for illegal drugs.

    Implement all three measures and you will never see another bent over zombie drug addict on the street.

  3. 'You have two choices: go through rehab or be arrested'…isn't this better than 'hey, we have some rehab services you might want to check out, if you feel like it. No? Well, that's cool too, we don't want to victimize you. We'll just wait til you feel like it. Oh….he overdosed. Well, that's the price of our compassion'

  4. When something is decriminalized doesnt that make something legal, liberals and ndp enable addicts to use and make it easier for people to try somethjng they shouldnt by decriminalizing it in the first place

  5. Decriminalization is about legal amounts of illegal drugs?? I would call that insane but it's closer to unbelievably stupid. Do you know who matters as much as drug addicts??? CHILDREN!!! The children in these communities who have been exposed to this "social experiment." How has regularly watching addicts smoke crack, shoot up, and stand around bent over, unable to function, affected young, impressionable, vulnerable minds?

  6. Its the meth animals intimidating decent folk on the street that we don't like. Nobody gaf about the bad ones getting help. About a quarter of them are predators and they abuse the weak ones.

    Let me know if you're taking volunteer applications. I live outside of victoria and I can help you understand which ones are the predators.

    Actually I don't need to apply to volunteer. I'll explain to all my construction worker buds that they have pretty much the same rights as police to arrest someone. Just less tools.

    If ya see news headlines about a guy dragging the meth predator on pandora Ave by his leg. Might be me 🙂

  7. THIS is a victory for the conservatives… they called them out and hold them to account for the bad decisions they made and they could’ve done it days ago.

    Credits goes to the conservatives NOT Liberal nor NDP they failed miserably on this one, the blood are on their hands

  8. Im still trying to figure out how doing drugs more openly led to more od deaths. Wasnt the whole point being that it would guve people access to faster help to reverse said overdose?

  9. She said,” Let’s make this clear, decriminalization of cocaine, meth & fentanyl did not make drugs legal.
    The Decriminalization pilot was about personal possession for personal use only & about stigma & to allow them to go get help.

    It’s a sensitive subject. Getting drug users help is good however getting off drugs is a challenge once you start. To me it was about enabling. It was about thinking of the drug user who has chosen to use it of their own free will, first, and giving them rights that impose on the innocent public, such as in playgrounds. Why would a drugged up person be allowed to carry a weapon. That alone is a problem waiting to happen. Police should have the power to do their job, especially in a playground where drug users should not be. The playground is meant for children

  10. But, most of those drug addict people want to be arrested so they don't have to pay for living expenses. Jail with free healthy food, free wifi, exclusive suite with its own bathroom/shower, and much more advantage to be arrested. The best retirement is jail, tax-free, as well. There is no need to work and someone cooking and cleaning too. The disadvantage is probably so' boring!!!

  11. ??? clowns who though it would work in the first play should be fired. But they won't, they will get their pensions from the taxes of struggling Canadians.

  12. Oh god even politicians are supporting tmfor drugs. It must condemned as soon as possible rather than motivate like you can carry this amount . Its not good for people at all drug businesses must be stoped.?



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