Auto Theft Impacting Liberal Government: 48 Vehicles Stolen in Recent Years – Canada News

Liberal government not immune from auto thefts: 48 vehicles stolen in recent years - Canada News

“Auto Theft Epidemic: Government Vehicles Targeted Too

In a shocking revelation, new data has emerged showing that the federal government is facing a significant challenge with auto thefts. The very authorities tasked with upholding the law are struggling to protect their own fleet of vehicles from being stolen. As the Liberal government races to crackdown on a nationwide surge in car thefts, it seems they are also grappling with keeping their own vehicles safe from criminals.

Government Vehicles at Risk

Documents presented in the House of Commons have revealed that a total of 48 government vehicles belonging to 14 different departments and agencies have been stolen between January 2016 and February 2024. This includes multiple instances of the minister of justice’s official vehicle being stolen over the span of three years.

The Provinces Affected

The province of Ontario has been hit hardest by this wave of thefts, with a significant number of vehicles stolen in Ottawa and the Toronto area. However, vehicles have also been reported stolen in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Nunavut. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has suffered the most losses, with 19 of their vehicles stolen, primarily in the Prairie provinces.

Recovery Efforts

While the theft of government vehicles is a concerning issue, it is reassuring to know that 34 out of the 48 stolen vehicles have been successfully recovered. However, the larger problem of widespread auto theft remains a pressing concern across the country.

Rising Trends and Root Causes

A recent report from the Équité Association revealed that over 70,000 cars were stolen in 2023 alone, with a substantial increase in theft rates observed in provinces like Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. Organized crime rings are often behind these thefts, with many stolen vehicles being smuggled out of the country for resale in international markets.

Conclusion: A Call for Action

The alarming rise in auto thefts, including the targeted theft of government vehicles, underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to tackle this criminal activity. As we grapple with this epidemic, it is essential for authorities to collaborate with law enforcement agencies and implement effective strategies to combat auto theft. Only through concerted efforts can we hope to stem the tide of thefts and ensure the safety and security of our vehicles and communities.”



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