Anti-Israel University of Ottawa protesters obey handler instructions to remain silent


Rebel News journalist Robert Kraychik reports from an anti-Israel protest at the University of Ottawa.

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  1. It is against the law to provide support for Hamas, which has been designated by the government as an illegal terrorist entity. Please sign our petition demanding that the government deport non-citizens, including foreigners on student visas, who are abusing the privilege of being our guests by supporting Hamas hate rallies:

  2. Really ironic that these people are anti occupation but yet they themselves take over and occupy space and set up tent incampments. It is like someone telling you it is dangerous to drink alcohol while they are drinking a bottle of wiskey.

  3. The way that pro Islamic demonstrators work around individuals and shout them down but no one else can hear do it with a violent shouting aggressive body language intimidate still they move away that is Islam in his extreme if you are going to you or argue with a demonstration remember to take your bacon sawnies with you if all else fails throw your butty at them


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