What impact will Boeing Starliner’s test flight to ISS have on commercial space industry?


Boeing is putting in final preparations as it looks to complete its next steps for its Starliner spacecraft.

Two astronauts are attempting to complete a test flight to the International Space Station which has been heavily delayed and more than a billion dollars over budget.

Kyle Benning has more on the significance of this flight for the company and the commercial space industry.

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  1. China ?? spent an enormous amount of money to build a space station. When completed last year, space station technology was already outdated. Lol
    – Thanks president Trump, for removing the Chinese from the ISS.

  2. Chinese?? space station Tiangong is a low-quality copycat of the abandoned Russian Mir space station.
    – Tiangong is only 1/5 of ISS size and lasts only 10 years, a third of ISS lifespan.
    Space stations in general are out of date or their usefulness.


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