Three MPPs kicked out of Ont. legislature for wearing keffiyeh


Three MPPs were kicked out of the Ontario legislature for wearing the keffiyeh as the opposition explores options to have the ban lifted.

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  1. No protest apparel, signs, buttons, pins, etc have ever been permitted. What makes Hamas's cause different? That scarf was worn by the PLO skyjackers who invented air piracy back in the late 60s. It was worn by that greasy extortionist Arafat when he pulled a hand gun in the U.N……its an undisputed symbol of protest. This is super simple. The answer is NO!

  2. Nonsense,most ppl care less about whats going on over there. How about the problem over here where we’re paying 13.76 for strawberries. Canada = dump now. Sad. Used to be proud to be Canadian but now im ashamed

  3. If it’s political vs religious and the politics don’t concern Canada, I agree that it shouldn’t be allowed in the house where we should be focusing on Canada. I would prefer the government focus on our issues while doing their one job. It’s a distraction, that’s all. They just want to keep a neutral ground to focus on Canadian issues.

  4. Typical NDP…nothing constructive to add when it comes to improving the province. Instead they wast taxpayer dollars over their partisan politics.

    Easy solution – rather than allow them to enter the legislative chamber, then kick them out…just stop them at the door and allow our MPPs to carry on with provincial business.


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