Suspects in Sikh leader’s murder in B.C. for court appearance


Three men accused in the murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar are now in B.C. and will make their first court appearance Tuesday in Surrey.

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  1. Anyone and everyone can come into Justinder's Canada. Now even Indians realize that open border policies are terrible. I know many young desi kids – who grew up in Canada, who'll vote against immigration for the rest of their lives, thanks to Justinder Singh.

  2. Brutality of Indian state agencies exposed by Nijjer and Pannu incidents.
    In India they killed thousands of sikh youth in Punjab, Mr. Khalrha human rights activist found 25000 missing bodies and after he was murdered Same way, very sad no justice.
    Thanks to government of Canada for exposing this conspiracy and trying to provide the justice

  3. The Canada – India issue is ;
    Did PM Modi's Government illegally send Indian Agents into Canada to murder a Canadian Citizen on Canadian Soil?
    The ongoing Khalistan Guerilla War in India has claimed 50,000 lives since 1954. Canada inadvertently immigrated some if the problem into Canada when we accepted the Siks as political refugees. That does not make the Khalistan movement a Canadian issue, not even a little bit. India needs to get it's own house in order.


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