Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe speaks on province’s exports at Food Fuel and Fertilizer Global Summit

Scott Moe addresses Sask. exports at Food Fuel and Fertilizer Global Summit

“The second annual Food Fuel Fertilizer Global Summit, organized by the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, started with a bang in Regina as Premier Scott Moe graced the stage. The event shed light on the province’s economy, focusing on trade and export efforts, particularly emphasizing Saskatchewan’s significant contribution to global exports, notably to India.”

**Saskatchewan’s Export Leadership:**
“Moe highlighted the role of Saskatchewan’s export leadership in fostering global investment and trade, citing the province’s substantial export share to India. He emphasized the vital importance of export value, attributing it to the prosperity of local communities and the province as a whole. Prabha Ramaswamy, CEO of the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, echoed this sentiment, underscoring the province’s pivotal role in global food and energy security.”

**Sustainable Energy and Products:**
“The Premier emphasized the significance of sustainable energy and products, praising Saskatchewan’s contribution to some of the world’s most environmentally-friendly goods. With former Prime Minister Stephen Harper in attendance, Moe also touched upon the challenges posed by centralized governance from Ottawa, stressing the need for a collaborative working relationship.”

**Small Modular Reactors and Future Prospects:**
“Discussions at the summit also delved into the advancement of small modular reactors (SMR) in Saskatchewan. Estevan emerged as the likely location for the province’s first SMR, following recent developments with SaskPower and an agreement with Alberta to boost nuclear power generation. Moe’s announcement about Estevan as a potential site signifies a significant step towards embracing sustainable and innovative energy solutions.”

“As the Food Fuel Fertilizer Global Summit unfolds, it not only showcases Saskatchewan’s export prowess and commitment to sustainability but also highlights the challenges and opportunities facing the province. Premier Moe’s vision for a prosperous and collaborative future resonates with stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of forging strong partnerships both locally and globally. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Saskatchewan is poised to carve a unique niche in the global market, driving economic growth and prosperity for years to come.”



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