Report shows sharp increase in antisemitic incidents in Canada in 2023


“Nearly 5,800 incidents of antisemitism were documented in Canada in 2023, showing a disturbing increase in violence, harassment, and vandalism targeting the Jewish community. This surge in antisemitism has left many feeling dehumanized, ostracized, and abandoned.

The Rise of Antisemitism:
The incidents of antisemitism reported by B’nai Brith Canada have more than doubled from the previous year, with a significant spike after the conflict in Israel and Gaza. Acts of violence, threats, and vandalism against Jewish individuals and institutions have increased, painting a grim picture of the state of antisemitism in Canada.

Online harassment has been rampant, with a majority of the incidents taking place in the aftermath of the conflict in the Middle East. Threats, hate messages, and calls for violence against Jews have fueled a climate of fear and insecurity within the community.

The Urgent Need for Action:
The rise in antisemitism has raised concerns about the safety and security of Jewish Canadians. The sense of vulnerability and fear has forced many to reconsider displaying symbols of their faith or identity, highlighting the urgent need for intervention at both governmental and societal levels.

It is crucial for all Canadians, regardless of their background, to stand against antisemitism and ensure that Jewish individuals can live fearlessly and proudly in their country. By condemning hate speech, supporting victims, and promoting tolerance and understanding, we can create a more inclusive and accepting society for all.

As we reflect on the disturbing increase in antisemitism in Canada, we must acknowledge the gravity of the situation and take concrete steps to address this alarming trend. The rise of hate crimes and discrimination against the Jewish community is a threat to our values of inclusivity, tolerance, and respect for diversity.

By standing together against antisemitism and supporting those affected by it, we can work towards a future where all individuals, regardless of their background, can live in peace and harmony. Let us remember the lessons of history and endeavor to create a society where hatred and bigotry have no place. Together, we can build a more compassionate and just world for all.”



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