Poilievre trying to “score political points” off the “tragedy of opioids”: Freeland


Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, has accused Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre of trying to “score political points” off the “tragedy of opioids.”

Though Poilievre refrained from calling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a “wacko” and getting himself kicked out of the House of Commons again, he continued to press the federal government on Monday during question period, to end a three-year pilot project in British Columbia.

The three-year pilot project began in January 2023 and decriminalizes possession of small amounts of certain illegal drugs — including heroin, fentanyl, and methamphetamine — however, a recent spike in overdose deaths and public disorder has resulted in public outcry to reverse the policy.

“It has now been ten days and 60 dead British Columbians since the government of that province has asked the Prime Minister to reverse his deadly and radical legalization of crack, heroin and other hard drugs in children’s parks, hospitals and transit. Why will he not reverse his radical agenda?” Poilievre queried.

While Freeland said the federal government is “addressing” the issues with the B.C. government, she added that it is “absolutely abhorrent” of Poilievre to use the crisis for his own political gain.

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  1. We are one of those families Ffected by BCs opioid crisis. My 28 year old nephew died of fentanyl poisoning in 2017. He had previously sought treatment. His addiction started at the age of 7 when he was prescribed Adderall for his ADHD. There are more stories like his. Treatment beds are nice but the addict has to want yo quit. Three weeks before my nephews death he had gone for treatment but 72 hours later at the height of withdrawl signed himself out. Harm reduction programs are what's needed until an addict is ready to quit. Without that, there will be more deaths. Poiliviere wants to talk about syringes in parks and playgrounds? Safe consumption sites are a start. Sadly due to the stigma of mental health and addictions, there's always going to be a contaminated hypodermic needle problem. In my province of Manitoba it was a Conservative govt that closed a mentsl health center and put them into the community. Now we have a rampant homelessness problem, an addiction crisis and a lack of mental health services because the govt "thought they could be better managed out in the community".

  2. I find the title of your article rather disenchanted. I think a majority of us do not like this poison put out in the streets. The way you worded the question sounds like a political point of view.Vice pointing out the factual content of the article. Please just provide me with the information and not to frame the narrative.

  3. PP is like the impatient child – "But I want it NOW!!!!"
    Panicking PP never understands that his personal emergencies 9But I want to be PM NOW!) do not allow for the checks and balances that need to be done before he pushes us all from the frying pan into the fire.
    Remember these PP emergency fails…
    – PP said – "This pandemic has provided an opportunity to reset".
    – Sue Big Pharma (????) for Chinas attempt to dump opioids on the Western world.
    – Fire the head of the BoC and replace him with a Conservative stooge.
    – PP is still blaming Trudeau for listening to Canada's police chiefs support decriminalizing drug possession in 2020.
    – PP said puberty blockers should only be for adults but adults have already experienced puberty.

    – PP refused to get a security clearance, so he is unable to receive security briefings.

    – No Current MP Has Voted Against Affordable Housing More Times Than Pierre Poilievre
    – PP never admits BIG OIL causes inflation with GAS prices JACKED UP 70 cents per litre since January!!
    – PP's always in a hurry but ignores the warmest year on record.
    – PP can't wait his turn – In 2010, a police probe was triggered after Poilievre drove through a Parliament Hill security screening gate without waiting for the RCMP to permit his entry and open the gate. Instead, he pressed the entrance button himself and drove his vehicle through. Only after Poilievre was identified as the driver and the incident was reported on in the media, would he apologize.

  4. I’m sorry, addiction is not a black and white issue, and I don’t think Canadians should be arrested for having an addiction. PP is gross for thinking locking people up will solve opioid crises.

  5. Canadian media is so shameless that even if someone from their own families becomes victim of justider and thugmeet's drug and crime khalistani syndicate, they will continue to refuse canadistan's role in shameless khalistani drug cartel. US needs to seriously consider for its security because canadistan is out of control and its people have dosed off for a while.

  6. "Radical, insane, wacko" is this drama necessary? Why not good, respectful policy debate? The CPC needs to stop, analyze, think through and understand that the GVT is working on the solution. Changes take longer that one or two weeks to implement. Decriminalization did not work in BC, we need another solution across all the provinces. Bring in the experts.

  7. The Liberal intellect pool is not that deep as we can see from all their failed policies. Not driven by ideology, they are driven by the embarrassment of having the Conservatives point out another of their failures. The Liberals are out of ideas, out of touch and out of time. Nobody is listening to them anymore.

  8. BC: Please recriminalize hard drugs
    Lib: yes we are working with BC to save lives
    BC: yes, once again, we are asking you to recriminalize hard drugs
    Freeland: Yes We share your concerns.
    BC: Ok I'm talking to a wall?

  9. Ah Freeland the first Canadian in parliament to be blocked by Twitter for posting false information. Maybe they should invest more in healthcare and training to prevent people from dying instead of giving them the means to.


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