Pit bull owner fined $18K for deadly attack on senior, banned from owning pets

Dog owner whose pit bulls killed 86-year-old fined $18K, banned from owning animals

“Horrifying Incident: Calgary Man Fined $18,000 and Banned from Owning Animals After Pit Bulls Kill Elderly Woman”

In a tragic event that shook the community, three pit bulls belonging to Denis Bagaric attacked and killed 86-year-old Betty Ann Williams, known as “Rusty” to her friends. This devastating incident took place while Williams was gardening in her back alley in Capitol Hill. The severity of the attack prompted Justice Gordon Wong to impose a fine of $18,000 on Bagaric and ban him from owning animals for 15 years.

The Attack and Consequences

Eyewitnesses testified that the three dogs – Bossii, Cinnamon, and Smoki – surrounded Williams and inflicted fatal injuries on her head and neck. Bagaric, in an attempt to stop the attack, struggled to pull two of the dogs back into his yard. As a result, Smoki was euthanized, while the fate of the other two dogs is still pending.

The Decision and Controversy

Despite the judge’s decision not to order the immediate euthanization of all three dogs, there are ongoing discussions about what to do with Cinnamon and Bossii. The imposed 15-year ban on owning animals stirred controversy, with the prosecution arguing that Bagaric’s negligence jeopardized public safety. On the other hand, Bagaric’s defense maintained that he was a responsible pet owner and questioned the necessity of such a harsh penalty.

Reflecting on Responsibility and Accountability

While this case raises questions about pet ownership and accountability, it ultimately highlights the importance of ensuring public safety when owning animals, especially breeds with a history of aggression. It serves as a reminder that proper care, training, and supervision are essential when keeping pets, particularly those with the potential to cause harm.

In conclusion, this tragic incident should prompt us to reevaluate our responsibilities as pet owners and community members. The consequences of negligent behavior can be fatal, as seen in the case of Betty Ann Williams. Moving forward, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of both humans and animals to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. Let us learn from this heartbreaking event and strive to create a safer environment for everyone.



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