Global National: May 6, 2024 | Winnipeg man admits to killing 4 Indigenous women


Jeremy Skibicki, who’s charged with murdering four Indigenous women in Winnipeg in 2022, has now admitted to killing them, but says he is not criminally responsible. Melissa Ridgen explains what this means for Skibicki’s trial and the reaction from victims’ families.

While Hamas has accepted a ceasefire proposal that would lead to a hostage-prisoner exchange and a pause in the fighting in the Gaza Strip, Israel is still weighing the offer. Crystal Goomansingh explains how Israel is now ordering people to get out of Rafah and the growing fears about what Israeli military action could cause.

Incidents of antisemitism in Canada more than doubled in 2023 compared to 2022, according to a new report from B’nai Brith Canada. Mackenzie Gray reports on the hate crimes Canadians are dealing with and how Jewish leaders are warning of a national crisis.

Following the conclusions reached at the foreign interference inquiry, the federal government has introduced legislation aimed at curbing the problem. David Akin breaks down what’s in the bill, why it will be difficult to make all the proposed changes in time for Canada’s next federal election and the measure MPs want immediately.

Boeing is going from taking off to lifting off, as the company ventures into space travel with the launch of its Starliner spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS). Jackson Proskow explains why this is critical to NASA and speaks with Canadian astronaut Joshua Kutryk, who will be at mission control.

Plus, there’s a lot of uncertainty around the post-conflict political future of the Middle East. Many people believe only Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti is capable of unifying Palestinian factions. Daniele Hamamdjian explains who Barghouti is, how he’s been locked in an Israeli prison for years and why he could be the key player for peace.

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  1. Fromz 1517 to 1917, what is today Palestine, and that was stolen by the J people, along with much of the Middle East, was ruled by the Ottoman Empire.

    So we should return the land to the Ottoman descendants, which would be the Turkish or the Iranians

  2. Hi i feel for the 3 indigos' women that are missing and the families wanting closure, but in the the first and second would wars 27 thousand Canadian soldiers were never found so are we expected to search the 25 percent of of Europe to give closure to those families

  3. I agree .I feel sorry that these indigenous woman and there families. But I don't agree spending all that money that it would cost to try find there remains. They might not even be there.also isn't the goal to find there remains. I don't think finding a small piece of bones or teeth etc is going to help them get closer. They probably won't even find that. Its a real unrealistic undertaking there asking for

  4. So, Marwan Barghouti is accused of being a terrorist and a murderer. Funny thing, so were TWO Israeli Prime Ministers: Menachem Begin (Irgun), and Yitzak Shamir (Stern Gang). Israel doesn’t want peace. Israel wants the Palestinians to disappear. “Ours, all ours, all of it! Ours, ours, ours. We don’t share, we don’t mingle much. We build walls and special roads to settlements that are internationally considered illegal (including by Canada – for now).

  5. Most of the world's population supports Palestine and Hamas because the world is with negative-minded people without knowing that one day the negativity will backbite and will be heavy on good people. Politicians never think about the future of the country. They like to pass the period of their time.


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