FAA investigation launched into Boeing 787 Dreamliner inspections – National

U.S. FAA will probe Boeing 787 Dreamliner inspections - National

“Boeing Under Investigation for Employee Misconduct: What You Need to Know”

**FAA Investigates Boeing 787 Dreamliner**

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has initiated an investigation into Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner after reports of misconduct by some employees. The focus of the investigation is on whether Boeing completed necessary inspections to ensure proper bonding and grounding where the wings meet the fuselage on certain 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The FAA is also looking into allegations of falsified aircraft records by company employees.

**Boeing Responds to Allegations**

Boeing, in response to the investigation, has stated that it is re-inspecting all 787 airplanes still in the production system and is working on a plan to address the in-service fleet. Scott Stocker, who leads the company’s 787 program, acknowledged in an email to South Carolina employees that some individuals violated company policies by not completing required tests but falsely recording them as done. Boeing assured that swift and serious corrective action is being taken against those responsible for misconduct.

**Safety Concerns and Investigations**

A Boeing quality engineer raised concerns about manufacturing practices on the 787 and 777 widebody programs, adding to the ongoing scrutiny faced by the company. Furthermore, the Justice Department is conducting a criminal investigation into a mid-air emergency involving a Boeing 737 MAX 9. The National Transportation Safety Board found missing bolts on a plane delivered by Boeing, raising questions about documentation procedures within the company.

**The Way Forward**

As Boeing grapples with these incidents and investigations, it is essential for the company to prioritize safety and transparency. Addressing any lapses in compliance and ensuring that rigorous inspection processes are followed is crucial for maintaining trust and upholding standards in the aviation industry.

In conclusion, instances of misconduct and safety concerns within Boeing highlight the importance of accountability and adherence to regulations in the aerospace sector. The outcome of the investigations and the company’s response will shape its reputation and future operations. Upholding safety standards must be a non-negotiable priority for all stakeholders involved in the design and manufacturing of aircraft.”



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