Discover incendiary devices planted beneath heavy machinery at Northvolt’s upcoming EV battery plant in Quebec

Incendiary devices found under heavy machinery on Northvolt's future EV battery plant in Quebec

“Northvolt, a Swedish manufacturer, was recently faced with a disturbing discovery on the site of its future electric vehicle battery plant near Montreal. Homemade incendiary devices were found under machinery, containing flammable liquid, with the clear intention of causing harm to workers and disrupting operations. Despite these attempts, the company remains steadfast in its commitment to progress, emphasizing the environmental benefits of their project.

The Ongoing Targeting of Northvolt:

This is not the first time Northvolt has been targeted by vandals. In January, the site was sabotaged when nails were driven into trees set to be cut down. An anonymous group claimed responsibility for this act on an anarchist website, citing concerns about environmental impact and perpetuating car culture as their motive.

CEO Paolo Cerruti denounced these attempts to intimidate and provoke fear among workers, affirming the company’s determination to push forward despite adversity. The 170-hectare site, spanning McMasterville and Saint-Basile-Le-Grand, has become a battleground for conflicting ideologies regarding progress, sustainability, and environmental conservation.

Uncovering the Irony of Vandalism:

In a bizarre twist of events, a non-profit organization, Centre de valorisation du bois urbain (CVBU), partnered with Northvolt for sustainable wood management, was also a victim of vandalism. The organization’s offices were targeted, highlighting the irony of resorting to destructive behavior to protect the environment. CVBU emphasized their role in responsible tree harvesting and maximizing the use of wood resources, further complicating the narrative of environmental activism through destructive means.


As debates around environmental sustainability and industrial progress continue to evolve, the incidents at the Northvolt site raise complex questions about the methods and motives of activism. While the right to peaceful protest and environmental advocacy is crucial in any democratic society, the use of violence and vandalism undermines the very values that activists seek to uphold. Perhaps, in the pursuit of a greener future, a more constructive dialogue between stakeholders with differing viewpoints is necessary to ensure meaningful and lasting change.”



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