Canadian MPs informed that the military should seek space surveillance technology from the private sector

Canadian military should turn to private sector for space surveillance tech, MPs told

“The Canadian military is at a critical crossroads in terms of its space capabilities, with the potential for modern satellite coverage in the Arctic hanging in the balance. As the rest of the world races ahead in the realm of military space technology, Canada risks falling behind and compromising its ability to protect its citizens.

## Falling Behind in Military Space Capability

Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA Canada, highlighted the urgency of the situation during a House of Commons committee meeting. He emphasized that Canada must take a cue from other countries and embrace commercial options in space to expedite the deployment of essential military assets. With the federal auditor general’s warning about the aging RADARSAT Constellation satellites nearing the end of their useful life, the need for swift action is more pressing than ever.

## Embracing Commercial Solutions

Greenley pointed to the United States and the United Kingdom as examples of countries effectively leveraging private sector partnerships to enhance their military space capabilities. By streamlining the process of acquiring space hardware, Canada could significantly reduce delays in deploying critical resources. Telesat’s partnership with MDA Space to launch global communication satellites by 2027 serves as a beacon of hope for accelerating military communications in the Arctic region.

## Geopolitical Concerns in Outer Space

Amidst these discussions on enhancing Canada’s military space capabilities, reports have emerged about Russia’s intention to introduce a nuclear weapon into orbit. This alarming development has raised concerns among global powers, including the United States, regarding the potential militarization of space. While there is no imminent threat, the implications of such actions on international law and norms are deeply troubling.

As Brig.-Gen. Mike Adamson of the 3rd Canadian Space Division acknowledges, collaboration with international partners is crucial to understanding and addressing these emerging threats in space. The need to safeguard satellites from ground-based and orbital attacks underscores the evolving nature of military operations beyond Earth.

In conclusion, the time for Canada to revitalize its military space capabilities is now. By embracing commercial solutions, enhancing collaborations with global partners, and staying ahead of emerging threats, Canada can secure its position in the rapidly evolving landscape of space security. The prospect of modern satellite coverage in the Arctic is within reach, but it requires bold and decisive action to ensure the safety and security of all Canadians.”



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