Shocking interview with Tommy Robinson ahead of censorship trial


Watch this shocking interview with Tommy Robinson, the most censored man in the UK.

Police have banned him from London because his politics caused someone to feel “distress”.

Rebel’s Chief reporter is covering his trial today, check out http::// for the latest.



  1. yeah i can vouch for the corruption of police and thier brutality, we are the elites cattle, treated like meat ,taxes pay for fashist opulances aswell as prisons, the law bends for state media , i was violently attacked by drunken mike sullavan crime editor of sun newspaper , and police tryed thier best to incriminate me for it , including dna manhunt for me , i prooved by reasembling the denied cctv footage and timestamp with my original police account taken , (allowed access after firing barrister and 2nd day of trail, demanding it be given, to point out the theft the crime editor comitted prior to assaulting other passengers prior to my intervention , he changed his story too many times , i was found not guilty but no compensation for 3 years of crown court hell

  2. The majority of the uk citizens don't care. They are sheep, they enjoy being ordered around, they dare not THINK for themselves, they do what they are told. Its truly sickening. Tommy and others fight to keep our rights, but the sheep have no back bone. Sickening!

  3. Again very impressed with this man. Showed very good grace not mentioning who had requested the dispersal order in this interview. Turning the other cheek to an organisation that he supports, but whose leader let him down, shows character on Tommy's part. Well done Mr Robinson…

  4. If it's like the US you have a bunch of cops from nice safe suburbs more scared of being called racist than actual crime. We know how non white London is, why does the police force even look like that?? WEIRD

  5. The Metropolitan Police have already been informed with EVIDENCE – that Islam is emphatically and Irrefutably NOT A RELIGION but a manmade, patriarchal and autocratic Ideology masquerading as one for reasons OF CONTROL AND SUBJUGATION AND A HOSTILE FORCE TO THE ENGLISH WAY OF LIFE ' – BUT HAVE NOT COMMENTED OR ACTED UPON THAT KNOWLEDGE!!!

  6. Once again the corrupt Met police playing dirty tricks. We will eventually get our country back the tide is turning as the people start to realise what is going on in this country organized by the Lef wing traitors.


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