Recall issued for Ford SUVs and trucks in Canada: Bronco Sport and Maverick models

The company logo shines off the grille of an unsold 2024 F150 pickup truck outside a Ford dealership Sunday, Jan. 21, 2024, in Broomfield, Colo. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Introducing the latest vehicle recall from Ford – a concerning issue that impacts over 55,000 trucks and SUVs. This news is definitely one to pay attention to, as it involves potential risks that could lead to a crash. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this recall and what it means for Ford drivers.

**The Issue at Hand: A Closer Look**

Ford has recently issued a recall for 2021 to 2024 Bronco Sport SUVs and 2022 Maverick trucks due to a battery detection issue. This issue involves the vehicles’ body and powertrain modules not detecting a change in the battery charge, which could lead to the engine stalling or failing to restart after a start-stop. Additionally, the hazard lights may not work properly, increasing the risk of a crash.

**What Ford is Doing About It**

According to Ford Canada, dealers will be updating the affected vehicles’ body and powertrain modules in “late Q2.” Additionally, drivers will be notified by mail about the recall to ensure they take the necessary steps to address the issue. This proactive approach from Ford is essential in ensuring the safety of their customers on the road.

**A Pattern of Recalls: Cause for Concern?**

This latest recall comes on the heels of another recent recall by Ford involving small Bronco Sport and Escape SUVs in Canada due to gas leaks. With multiple recalls in a short period of time, some may question Ford’s quality control measures and the reliability of their vehicles. It’s important for customers to stay informed about recalls and take action promptly to address any safety issues.

As Ford works to address the battery detection issue in their trucks and SUVs, drivers should remain vigilant and follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Safety on the road is paramount, and staying informed about recalls is crucial in ensuring the well-being of all drivers and passengers. Let’s hope that Ford’s actions will lead to a resolution that prioritizes safety and peace of mind for their customers.



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