Pro-Hamas protesters openly glorify October 7 murders on The Andrew Lawton Show

The Andrew Lawton Show | Pro-Hamas protesters are openly glorifying October 7 murders

“In a shocking display of open support for violence, protesters at an anti-Israel rally cheered for Hamas’ attacks on Israel, declaring it as a step towards Palestinian freedom. Calls for daily violence against Israelis were met with disturbing enthusiasm, shedding light on the rising antisemitism that no longer hides behind veils of political terminology. As Andrew Lawton from True North highlights, the normalization of such hateful rhetoric should be a cause for concern for all of us.

Government missteps come to the forefront as the federal administration spent a staggering $2.2 million on defending the Emergencies Act in court, only to face a rule-breaking decision. Meanwhile, the CBC, receiving hefty sums from the government, showcases a lack of transparency as its president refuses to provide answers in interviews with their own journalists. Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins the conversation to provide insights and analysis.

Amidst these tumultuous events, the United Nations summit focusing on plastic pollution begins in Ottawa, sparking discussions on the implications for Canadian consumers and businesses. Aiñe Curran, the president of the Vinyl Institute, sheds light on the potential impacts and outcomes of this summit.

As we navigate through these complex issues and events, it becomes imperative to stay informed and engaged in discussions that shape our society and the world at large. The convergence of politics, media, and global affairs raises crucial questions about accountability, transparency, and the values that guide our actions. In a time where voices are raised and narratives clash, it is essential to seek understanding, empathy, and a path towards progress that benefits us all.”



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