New Brunswick government’s largest 2023 expense account revealed by Tourism deputy

Tourism deputy rings up N.B. government's largest 2023 expense account

“Deputy Tourism Minister’s Lavish Expenses Spark Controversy and Criticism”

Yennah Hurley, the deputy tourism minister of New Brunswick, has come under fire for amassing a whopping $77,710 in expenses in 2023, the highest amount claimed by a senior official in the provincial government. From luxury-hotel stays during trips to London and Paris to a costly personal move from Quispamsis to Fredericton, Hurley’s expenses have raised eyebrows and stirred up debates about government transparency and accountability.

The Cost of Luxury: A Closer Look at Hurley’s Expenses

Hurley’s expenses include lavish hotel stays in Europe, visits to tourist attractions, and relocation costs after moving residences. The most significant portion of her expenses was accrued during an eight-day trip to London and Paris, where she stayed in upscale hotels and visited iconic landmarks like Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and the Palace of Versailles. The purpose of this trip was reportedly to promote international tourism interest in New Brunswick and explore opportunities with international tour operators.

CBC’s Investigation on Hurley’s Expense Claims

CBC News revealed that Hurley’s expense claims outpaced those of Premier Blaine Higgs and other cabinet ministers, drawing attention to the lack of clarity in the purpose of her trips and the extent of taxpayer-funded activities during her travels. The revelation sparked concern among opposition politicians, with Liberal MLA Isabelle Thériault questioning the transparency of departmental efforts and the omission of details about the European trip during a public accounts committee meeting.

Controversy Over Relocation Costs: A Case of Questionable Spending?

Further scrutiny of Hurley’s expenses revealed significant costs associated with her move from Quispamsis to Fredericton, including a sizable real estate commission and relocation fees paid by taxpayers. While Hurley did not take a loss on the sale of her home, questions have been raised about the approval process for such relocation expenses and whether they align with government policies.

Conclusion: Accountability and Transparency in Government Spending

The case of Yennah Hurley’s extravagant expenses highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability in government spending. While public officials are expected to represent the interests of taxpayers, the lack of clarity in expense reporting and approval processes raises concerns about misuse of public funds. As citizens demand greater accountability from their elected representatives, it is essential for government officials to uphold the highest standards of transparency and ethical conduct in their financial dealings.”



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