Nav Canada celebrates 85 years since opening Canada’s inaugural air traffic control tower

Nav Canada marks 85th anniversary of Canada’s first air traffic control tower

“Unveiling Canada’s Sky Safeguard: Celebrating 85 Years of Air Traffic Control”

Nav Canada, the nation’s air navigation service provider, commemorates the 85th anniversary of Canada’s first air traffic control tower at Saint-Hubert Airport in Quebec. This milestone marks the beginning of air traffic control in the country, emphasizing the crucial role that air traffic controllers play in ensuring the safety of our skies.

The Origins of Air Traffic Control in Canada

Founded in 1926 by Prime Minister William Mackenzie King, Saint-Hubert Airport was initially established for a British-proposed airship service to enhance communication within the empire. The airport later became the first civilian aerodrome in Canada, hosting the country’s first airmail delivery in 1927. Over the years, the facility evolved, eventually leading to the construction of a new control tower by Transport Canada in 1985.

The Evolution of Air Traffic Control Technology

Today, air traffic controllers in Montreal utilize advanced radar, space-based ADS-B technology, and radio communications to guide aircraft safely to their destinations. With 42 airport control towers in operation nationwide, Nav Canada continues to pave the way in air navigation services. The privatization of Canada’s air navigation systems in 1996 marked a significant milestone in the industry’s growth and development.

Celebrating 85 Years of Success and Innovation

As Nav Canada celebrates the legacy of Canada’s first air traffic control tower, President and CEO Ray Bohn acknowledges the dedication and commitment of air traffic service professionals across the country. With a history rooted in safety and innovation, Saint-Hubert Airport stands as a symbol of the aviation industry’s continuous evolution to meet the needs of modern air travel.

Conclusion: Safeguarding the Skies for Future Generations

As we reflect on 85 years of air traffic control in Canada, we recognize the invaluable contributions of air traffic controllers in ensuring the safety and efficiency of our skies. The journey from a simple control tower in Quebec to a nationwide network of sophisticated air navigation systems serves as a testament to the industry’s resilience and adaptability. With countless milestones yet to come, we look forward to a future where safe skies remain a top priority for all aviation professionals.



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