Investigation launched as CP Rail cars ignite, glide through downtown London, Ontario

Investigation underway after CP Rail cars catch fire, roll through downtown London, Ont.

“Breaking news out of London, Ontario – a fiery scene lit up the night sky as five train cars caught fire while travelling through downtown. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, thanks to the swift response of multiple fire crews. Let’s dive into the details of this dramatic incident that unfolded late Sunday night.

**The Blaze in Downtown London**

As the train made its way eastbound through the heart of London, witnesses near Richmond Street and Pall Mall Street noticed flames erupting from the train cars. Calls to 911 brought a rapid response from London Fire, who managed to contain the fire before it could spread to nearby buildings.

London Fire platoon chief Colin Shewell praised the teamwork of the crews, stating, “Within an hour, we were able to put a good knock down on the fire and really put it under control in about an hour and 20 minutes.” The heroic efforts of these first responders saved the day and prevented a potentially catastrophic situation.

**Investigation and Aftermath**

After extinguishing the flames, CP Rail transported the damaged cars to their rail yard for further investigation. It was determined that the cars were carrying old railway wooden ties, with no hazardous materials onboard. The origin of the fire is still under investigation, with Shewell emphasizing, “We will treat everything as arson until proven otherwise.”

Damage assessments revealed estimated costs of $25,000 to the rail cars and $10,000 to an adjacent office building. CP Rail’s police oversight body has taken over the investigation, delving into the circumstances surrounding this fiery ordeal.

**A Call for Vigilance**

In the aftermath of this incident, it serves as a reminder of the dangers associated with railway transportation. While no lives were lost in this instance, the potential for disaster looms large when train accidents occur. It is crucial for authorities, rail companies, and the public to remain vigilant and proactive in ensuring the safety of railway operations.

As the investigation unfolds and questions surrounding the cause of the fire linger, one thing is certain – the bravery and expertise of the firefighters in London prevented a tragedy. Their quick response and effective teamwork showcase the importance of well-prepared emergency services in handling crises. Let’s use this event as a catalyst for improved safety measures and emergency preparedness in our communities.”



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