Guelph mayor and MP show support for federal budget, receive thumbs up

Federal budget gets thumbs up from Guelph mayor, MP

“Investing in the Future: Guelph’s Take on the Federal Budget”

Finance minister Chrystia Freeland recently unveiled the 2024 federal budget, totaling $535 billion with $11.5 billion in new spending. This budget has caught the attention of Guelph politicians, with both Mayor Cam Guthrie and Liberal MP Lloyd Longfield sharing their perspectives on how it will impact the residents of Royal City.

Building Homes and School Food Programs: A Step in the Right Direction

Guthrie expressed satisfaction with the allocation of $8.5 billion to support the construction of new homes, addressing a critical need in Guelph. Additionally, the inclusion of $1 billion for a national school food program has also been well-received, with Longfield commending the government’s efforts to prioritize initiatives that benefit children and families.

Balancing Generational Fairness and Economic Impact

Freeland emphasized the goal of achieving “generational fairness” through the budget, with a focus on easing education costs and creating job opportunities for Millennials and Generation Z. However, the plan to raise capital gains taxes on the wealthiest Canadians has raised concerns for Guthrie, who fears potential negative impacts on local businesses and innovation.

Looking Ahead: A Potential Election Trigger?

Despite the supply-and-confidence agreement between the Liberals and the New Democrats, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s stance on supporting the budget remains unclear, leaving the possibility of triggering an election. Longfield remains hopeful for cross-party collaboration in discussing and finalizing the budget, emphasizing the importance of hearing from all parliamentarians to ensure fairness and transparency.

As discussions around the federal budget continue, it is important for stakeholders at all levels to consider the diverse impacts and implications of the proposed measures. Balancing the needs of different generations, economic sectors, and communities will be crucial in shaping a budget that truly reflects the values and priorities of Canadians.

In conclusion, the federal budget presents both opportunities and challenges for Guelph and its residents. It is essential for policymakers to engage in constructive dialogue, consider various perspectives, and work towards solutions that promote inclusivity, sustainability, and shared prosperity for all Canadians.”



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