Discover why Canadian athletes can’t get enough of the Team Canada x lululemon Collection

Members of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams model the Team Canada x lululemon kit for Paris 2024

“The Spirit of Athlete Gear Trading at the Olympics

The tradition of athletes trading gear at the Olympic Games has long symbolized the spirit of international collaboration that the Games embody. However, with the launch of the Team Canada x lululemon Paris 2024 athlete kit, Canadian athletes may find themselves hesitant to part with their coveted gear.

Trade Offers Galore

The unveiling of the official Team Canada x lululemon Collection on social media sparked envy from international athletes, with comments expressing admiration for Team Canada’s stylish kit. American Olympian Colleen Quigley jokingly declared her newfound Canadian identity, while American Paralympian Hunter Woodhall admitted defeat, conceding that Team Canada had won the fashion game.

Pride in the Kit

Canadian athletes, like breaker Philip Kim, expressed reluctance to trade their lululemon gear, expressing a desire to keep it all to themselves. Kim, excited for his Olympic debut in Paris, found the fashion-forward kit to be a perfect representation of his sport and the city of fashion itself, highlighting the personal connection athletes feel to their attire.

The Power of Representation

Sailor Sarah Douglas, who competed at Tokyo 2020, was moved to tears by the Team Canada athlete kit, feeling the weight of representing her country at such a prestigious event. Wrestler Justina Di Stasio echoed this sentiment, acknowledging the surreal feeling of realizing she was bound for the Olympics. The kit served as a tangible symbol of their journeys to the Games.

Design for Adaptability and Inclusivity

Lululemon’s collaboration with 19 Team Canada athletes across various sports resulted in innovative design elements that catered to the athletes’ needs. The packable rain poncho, a favourite among athletes, featured waterproof, windproof, and adaptable properties, ensuring comfort and functionality. Accessibility-oriented features were also incorporated, ensuring inclusivity for all athletes.

Highlighting Indigenous Culture

Athletes like Justina Di Stasio appreciated the inclusion of Indigenous designer Mason Mashon in the creation of the Closing Ceremony kit, celebrating the diverse and illuminative print that reflected the nation’s spirit. Indigenous artist Ocean Hyland’s contributions to the Collector Pins added a layer of cultural significance to the collection, honoring Canada’s rich heritage.

Empowering Through Legacy

At the core of the Team Canada x lululemon collection are the Future Legacy items, designed to support Canadian athletes in their pursuit of sporting excellence. With 10% of proceeds going to the Canadian Olympic Foundation and Paralympic Foundation of Canada, the collection aims to empower athletes to fulfill their dreams both on and off the podium.

As Canadian athletes gear up for the Paris 2024 Games, the Team Canada x lululemon collection not only embodies style and functionality but also represents unity, inclusivity, and the spirit of sporting excellence. With each piece telling a story of dedication and passion, this kit serves as a powerful symbol of Canadian pride and the collective journey of its athletes. Let the Games begin!”



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