Breaking News: Major legal reforms announced in Canada’s latest budget bill

The law changes coming in Canada's budget bill

“The 2024 federal budget is making headlines with big spending promises, but hidden within the 416-page document are smaller items that could impact your daily life. These legislative measures are set to bring about changes that may have gone unnoticed but are worth exploring. Let’s dive into some key reforms that could shape the future landscape of Canada.”

### Infant Formula Regulations

Among the upcoming law reforms is an amendment to the Food and Drugs Act, allowing the minister of health to exempt certain products like infant formulas from specific requirements. This change aims to ensure an adequate supply of health products in case of shortages. Additionally, regulations related to drug and medical device shortages will be expanded to include foods for special dietary purposes.

### Curbing Nicotine Youth Marketing

The government is set to amend the Food and Drugs Act to prevent harmful uses of therapeutic products, particularly those related to smoking cessation targeted at youth. This move aligns with provincial restrictions on the sale and marketing of nicotine pouches, with a focus on protecting young consumers from addictive substances.

### Education Savings Facilitation

In an effort to simplify saving for a child’s education, amendments will be made to the Canada Education Savings Act. This includes automatic enrollment in the Canada Learning Bond for eligible children whose families do not open a Registered Education Savings Plan. These changes seek to make it easier for parents from low-income families to access financial support for their children’s education.

### Combatting Auto Theft and Devices

The budget bill will introduce new amendments to the Criminal Code aimed at cracking down on auto theft. These include creating new offences for auto theft involving violence or organized crime, as well as possession or distribution of devices used for theft. The government also plans to restrict the sale of devices that can intercept communications for criminal activities.

### Banking and Consumer Changes

The proposed amendments to the Telecommunications Act will ban service providers from charging consumers switching fees and offer self-serve options for canceling or modifying plans. A consumer-driven banking framework will also be established to provide Canadians with tools to manage their finances effectively. Changes to the Bank Act aim to improve the overall banking experience for consumers.

### Transparency in Government Payments

In a move towards greater transparency, amendments to the Financial Administration Act will give the government the authority to label government payments deposited in accounts. This includes specifying how rebates or refunds should be labeled on account statements and online banking records. Additionally, changes to the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act will allow federal officials to share information on non-compliance with the fuel charge.

The 2024 federal budget is not just about big spending promises; it’s about making meaningful changes that could impact the lives of Canadians. These legislative measures, while seemingly small, have the potential to shape the future of various sectors. As we navigate these changes, it’s essential to stay informed and consider the broader implications of these reforms on our society.”



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