Will the US foreign aid bill help Ukrainian troops turn the tables on Russia?


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has thanked American lawmakers after the U.S. passed a $95-billion aid bill, which includes $61 billion in funding for his country.

In an interview on U.S. television, Zelenskyy said the bill needs to be signed into law as soon as possible so that his troops can continue to push back against Russia’s full-scale invasion.

As Redmond Shannon reports, many experts say the best Ukraine can hope for is to stop Russia’s advances rather than retake Ukrainian lands.

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  1. Updates: ?????? “Been that way for 30 years.” – U.S. Justice Department on the lack of Human Rights in Oklahoma County Jail, 2020

    “Makes me feel human again after this place.” – Oklahoma City Art Museum review after life in the local shelters (20+ years in the making), 2024

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  2. About as use full as a Block of ice due to Corruption, Money laundering and the Black Market. Not much will be left for the old men at the front line Meat Grinder by the time it arrives. Ukraine has Never had a chance and They ran out of bodies Months ago when the average age of their Military was 43.

  3. Problem is..NATO and USA ran out of missiles and armory months ago..they have very little to send. It has to be made..which will take months and years. This money is all about politics and virtue signaling. Sorry..

  4. Lol, Ukraine is "winning" the fake media says, then why do they need to "turn the tables" or want "game changing" weapons?. No amount of money is going to help the ukronazis.

  5. Your men are running to Canada instead of fighting and I think you should also go to Ukraine to fight for Ukraine Canada should be a peaceful country and get out of nato as all we do is spend money that we don’t have

  6. a meat-grinder that will be used to tax the US middle class out of existence. the ink isn't even dry and they're already making excuses about how this aid is arriving too late and won't help enough.

  7. So give 60 billions to a country that has lost most of it's army…

    Yeah, sounds like a good investment. Who the hell is going to use these bullets, the ghosts of Ukraine?

  8. Comment section if full of cancer and Russian bots as always. Allot of accounts that are anti Ukrainian can be traced back to Russia, they are trying to sway public opinion this is phycological warfare playing out in real time and for what ever reason Canadian news channels seem to by a primary target.

  9. Is the title a joke?
    Ukraine needs soldiers, not money. No, Ukraine can't beat a country that has 10 times the military equipment, population and wealth. It'd be like giving Canada billions of dollars to defeat the USA in a war. Not happening. lol


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