Toronto police officer advises leaving car keys by the door to avoid home invasion


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On a recent Rebel News livestream, David Menzies and Alexa Lavoie discussed recent comments by a Toronto police officer advising residents to leave their car keys by the front door in order to avoid a home invasion. “They’re breaking into your home to steal your car. They don’t want anything else,” said Const. Marco Ricciardi.

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  1. even from over here…thats the DUMBEST words out of the officer's mouth.

    if thats the case, why not do away with police officers? starting with him….

    or are they hired with tax payers money to be incompetant politicos sercurity units?
    thry probably won't last … telling said politicos to 'leave their car keys/ gates open' to prevent home invasion/ tresspass.

  2. Tell the Order Takers leave his gun in the car when you go out for a call…Unbelievable Stupidity in this Refugee Camp…Importing Ret@rdant since 2000…We accept all forms of Mental Disability…Don’t worry the Dogs are trained to speak on behalf of their Masters…No Moral Morons…

  3. Under the Constitution — not as clear maybe under the charter , Canadaisns are lawfully entitled to have guns of all sorts, size, shspe . The govt. Justin & POLLIVER DO NOT WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT IT IS ACTUALLY A CANADIAN RIGHT TO OWN PRIVATE PROPERTY WHICH INCLUDES GUNS .
    Why do we have to explain ourselves for owni g this property to an ever increasing HOSTIL anti Canadian citizen govt .

  4. Comrade pig, should we make sure the tank is full and the engine is running so the vehicle is nice and toasty warm for the thief?…oh wait…they are not a thief in this case…you are inviting your brother comrades to help themselves

  5. Big large super bright unbreakable sensor lights activating together with extremely loud 1000 Watts decibel output Wagnarian , Brucknerian, and mahlerian symphonic music will scare away any home invasion criminal.


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