The West Block: April 21, 2024 | Growing Iran-Israel tensions


What are the risks of a greater escalation between Iran and Israel after more retaliatory strikes are exchanged between the two countries? ‘The West Block’ host Mercedes Stephenson interviews the Atlantic Council’s Jonathan Panikoff, the former deputy national intelligence officer for the Near East at the National Intelligence Council, about the possibility of a greater conflict between Iran and Israel, fears over the potential use of nuclear weapons, and more.

Plus, the Liberal government unveiled its federal budget last week. The budget includes $57 billion in new spending, which the Liberals plan to offset with an additional $18 billion in new revenues from changes to the capital gains tax. Stephenson speaks with John Manley, former Liberal finance minister, and Lisa Raitt, former Conservative deputy leader, about the proposed capital gains tax changes, the housing crisis, and how the budget might impact the Liberals’ polling numbers.

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  1. For those who don’t know the history of the Middle East. Hold my beer.

    History of Middle East
    Wars Fought in the Middle East Timeline 499 BCE-Present Day: 1,525 Years of War
    499 BCE to 449 BCE-Greco-Persian Wars. Location: Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Aegean
    335 BCE to 323 BCE-Wars of Alexander the Great:Greek City States against Persian Empire
    66 BCE to 217 CE-Roman-Parthian War:Greek City States against Persian Empire421 to 422
    Roman-Sassanid War (Part of the Roman-Persian Wars:Greek City States against Persian Empire
    484 to 572 Samaritan Revolts: Samaria (Israel), Byzantine Empire (Turkey, Eastern Mediterranean)
    494 to 534 Basus War:Fought between: Taghlib Tribe against Bakur Tribe Arabia (Arabian Peninsula)
    502 to 506 Anastasian War (Part of the Roman-Persian Wars:Armenia), Upper Mesopotamia (Turkey, Syria)
    541 to 562 Lazic War/Colchic War: Byzantine Empire against Sassanid Persian Empire
    572 to 628 Byzantine–Sassanid War: Byzantine Empire against Sassanid Persian Empire
    642 to 737 First Arab–Khazar War: Khazar Khaganate against Umayyad Caliphate
    780 to 1180 Byzantine-Arab Wars: Byzantine Empire against Arabs Levant (Syria), Egypt, North Africa

    Crusades: Christians vs Arabs
    August 1096 to August 1099 First Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
    March 1147 to April 1149 Second Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
    May 1189 to 9th October 1192 Third Crusade/Kings’ Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
    October 1202 to 13th April 1204 Fourth Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
    October 1217 to July 1221 Fifth Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
    1228 to 17th March 1229 Sixth Crusade (Part of The Crusades
    May 1271 to December 1272 Prince Edward’s Crusade/Ninth Crusade (Part of The Crusades)
    4th April 1291 to 18th May 1291 Fall of Acre/Last Crusade (Part of The Crusade
    1380s to 17th February 1405 Conquests of Timur (Tamerlane)
    1521 to 6th September 1566 Wars of Suleiman the Magnificent:Hungary, Persia (Iran), Iraq, Moldova

    Modern Middle East Wars: Arabs vs Israel /UN Security Forces
    October to 1973, 24th October Yom Kippur War
    1990, 2nd August to 1991, 3rd March Gulf War Kuwait, UN Security Forces against Iraq
    1994, 4th May to 1994, 7th July Yemen Civil War:Republic of Yemen, United States, Jordan, Qatar, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, India against Democratic Republic of Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Iraq, Libya, Kuwait
    2003, 20th March to 2011, 11th December Iraq War:USA, UK, (multi-national forces withdrawn before end of conflict) against Al-Qaeda
    Location: Iraq, Syria
    2008, December 28th to 2009, January 18th Gaza War (Part of the Arab-Israeli Conflict) Fought between: Gaza Strip against Israel
    2011, 15th March, ongoing Syrian Civil WarFought between: Bashar al-Assad government against Rebel forces including ISIS
    2015, 24th July, Ongoing Kurdish-Turkish Conflict: South East Turkey, Northern Syria, Northern Iraq
    2019, 5th May, ongoing Persian Gulf Crisis Fought between: United States and allies against Iran
    Oct 2023 to Present: Back to Arab States/Iran vs Israel.

  2. Hatred is as hatred does and every party here is guilty of it.
    There is no helping that.
    Other than providing humanitarian aid wherever possible we should be keeping our money home and putting Canadians who we can actually help 1st!!!

    Take Care and God Bless All?
    Or if you lean towards atheism,
    Take Care and Nothing but the best of thoughts and wishes for you ??
    In those insane times we can all use some of them.


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