Quebec’s new Bill 57 could be used to censor citizens: analysis


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Quebec Premier François Legault and members of his party, the Coalition Avenir Québec, have just proposed their new Bill 57, primarily aimed at protecting elected officials in the performance of their duties against intimidation, harassment, or threats. This comes after several elected officials, both at the provincial and municipal levels, have expressed their feelings about the threats and toxic climate surrounding them. Simon Rocheleau, a lawyer based in Quebec and podcaster on the “Ian et Frank Podcast,” has been closely monitoring municipal issues for several years, as it is the level closest to the citizens. According to his analysis, Bill 57 is still ill-defined. Rocheleau expects further debates in the parliamentary committee to clarify the bill.

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  1. Canada citizens is in the dark…msm there .. the citizens let it happen Form pressure groeps and fight it by stand together because the elite politicians is doing things without u'r consent. GET INVOLVED STRONGLY

  2. When they are being paid by TAX PAYERS to be a politician, they DO NOT get to have a private life as long as the tenure lasts. Instead of transparency, they wish to create obstacles and barriers to hide any illegal acts they would otherwise be prosecuted for. You can never comply your way out of tyranny, and to defeat it you simply DO NOT COMPLY!!!

  3. Great video Alexa and Simon from Quebec! Democracy And Freedom is under fire from the WEF WHO UN! Leaders want to take any freedom that we have in Canada! Quebec wants to control their citizens!

  4. Le peuple est en colère a causes de leurs actions,aux maires! Et il ne faudrait pas leur dire que ce qu'ils font ,nous blesse ! Cette loi c'est pour les couvrir leurs actions et continuer à dépenser notre argent ,sans notre consentement!


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